RFID Tracking: Reliable RFID Tag Asset Tracking Solutions

Monitoring packages in transit or storage with SpotSee is good business. It can reduce damage by 40-60%. Less damage means fewer repairs or replacements, fewer delays, less operations disruptions, fewer claims filings, and a better reputation. It is a proactive tool to help your business spend less time remediating negative events.

ShockWatch RFID tags are field armable, tamperproof, and turn red when an impact beyond a specific g-force threshold has occurred. Because they can be read remotely, they do not require line of sight, and therefore can be placed inside a box, crate, or package.

RFID Impact Indicators

 Status When ShippedSensitivityMountSecurity
ShockWatch RFIDArmable5G-75GPackageTamperproof Serialized

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