Preventing damage for the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Preventing damage for the automotive industry

This week we’re taking a look at how the automotive industry can save time and money by implementing a damage monitoring device into their manufacturing chain.

Automotive parts, such as windscreens, are frequently transported between different warehouses and factories before reaching their final assembly line. This often leaves parts open to the possibility of damage due to either mishandling or accidental damage. By implementing a damage monitoring device such as the SpotBot Cellular into your manufacturing chain, you can ensure that any sensitive products have been handled correctly with minimal movement as well as gain an insight into how efficient your manufacturing chain is.

The SpotBot Cellular allows users to easily identify where impact or temperature damage has occurred using the SpotSee cloud-based software and cellular technology. This enables users to rectify any issues with their supply and manufacturing chain, that currently cost manufacturers time and money.

SpotSee VP, Angela Kerr, notes “results vary based on the situation, but damage rate typically drops by 50% or more when monitored”.

To find out more about preventing damage to automotive parts during manufacturing, contact our Internal Account Manager, contact Victoria Corbit on (0)1462 688070 or contact us today!

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