Blood In Transit

Blood In Transit

Blood In Transit

Red blood cells should be stored between +2°C to 8°C and can be stored for up to 35 days (in optimum conditions). Research shows that 10% of blood donations are wasted due to burst packaging and temperature breaches with one red cell unit costing approximately £120. This works out to be an expensive error; therefore enforcing the need for temperature monitoring offers an alternative and accurate method, especially in transportation where temperature fluctuations are most likely to occur.

To help reduce waste and keep within the safety regulations, our ShockWatch BloodTemp10, ColdMark and WarmMark Temperature Indicators are a cost-effective method of ensuring blood bags are within temperature boundaries when they arrive at their destination.

BloodTemp10 has been specifically designed to monitor blood bags throughout transportation and storage situations. The indicator alerts users when the temperature of the blood bag is exposed to temperatures over 10°C. It is a simple solution which improves blood safety practices, decreases blood waste and provides auditable proof that blood has been stored, transported and reissued in accordance with applicable regulatory standards.

ColdMark is an easy applied, tamper-proof, irreversible indicator that once activated shows a permanent record of exposure. It is specifically designed to help identify any gaps in transit and allows you and your customer to see if your products have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures, specifically between-3°C to +10°C. WarmMark works in the same way but is specific for temperatures between -20°C to +38°C. Both indicators offer complete flexibility for requirements as well as a complete solution when used together, allowing the blood practitioner to see at a quick glance whether the blood bag temperature has been breached or not.

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