Blood Temp 10 FDA Approved Indicators

Blood Temperature indicator FDA

Blood Temp 10 FDA Approved Indicators

Blood Temperature Indicator – FDA Approved

Do you need to find a useful way to transport blood, ensuring that temperature breaches do not occur?

Maintaining the correct temperature of a blood bag in transit is crucial to the quality of the blood. Our ShockWatch Blood Temperature indicator (Blood Temp 10) is an excellent method in helping to ensure temperature breaches are monitored, helping to keep your blood safe.

The ShockWatch FDA approved Blood Temperature indicator is easy to use, and a cost-effective way of ensuring blood has not been exposed to unacceptable temperature breaches in transit.

The FDA is the Food Drug Administration body (this is the American version of the UK regulatory bodies), who are responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, quality and security of (to name just a few) drugs, vaccines and other biological products. Using products that are FDA approved gives you the peace of mind that your product is in safe hands.

The Blood Temperature indicator has a 3M 1509 medical grade approved adhesive, which enables them to be attached directly to the blood bag.

Why choose Blood Temp?

  • Improves blood safety practices
  • Decreases blood wastage – the cost of a blood bag is around £120 per bag
  • FDA CFR 600 1.5(a) approved for monitoring blood
  • Enables quick glance acceptance or rejection of blood bags – enabling practitioners to quickly establish if the blood is suitable for transfusion
  • Unique Identifier on every indicator for traceability
  • Single push simple activation – this means that no technical expertise are required in order to activate the product
  • Indicates if temperatures are exposed to over 10°C

The Blood Temperature indicator requires no preconditioning or special handling prior to use. With a simple push of the activation blister, the indicators are armed and ready for use. This enables accurate monitoring of blood bags in transit and storage. The blood temp indicators have an irreversible alarm status.


Did you know…

  • One pint of donated blood can save up to 3 live
  • The current stock level of A positive blood is only 6 days worth
  • Approximately 1,700,000 blood donations are made each year
  • A new born baby has about one cup of blood in its body
  • Over 6,000 donations are needed every day to meet hospital demand

With all of the above statistics in mind isn’t it essential that we look after the blood we have? What better way to help assist in monitoring the temperature of blood in transit than using the Blood Temp 10 indicator.

For more information on the Blood Temp 10 indicator please contact [email protected] or visit our ShockWatch webpage here.

Remember when you need assistance in monitoring your blood bags in transit think of ShockWatch Blood Temp 10.