Keeping blood transfusion stock levels safe

Blood Transfusions

Keeping blood transfusion stock levels safe

Here at ShockWatch, we are frequently asked if we have any products suitable for use during the (sometimes brief) transportation of blood. Most of these enquiries require a product that can indicate if the temperature of blood has been compromised during the transportation of blood bags, for example, when bags have to be taken down to operating theatres. Our WarmMark temperature indicators are ideal for use with temperature sensitive products.

Blood Safety & Quality regulations state that “transportation and distribution of blood and blood components at all stages of the transfusion chain must be under conditions that maintain the integrity of the product.” By implementing WarmMark indicators into your transfusion chain, you’ll be ensuring the safety and quality of blood, as there will be a clear, irreversible colour change on the indicator when a temperature breach occurs. Blood Safety and Quality Regulations recommends that “red cell preparations and whole blood should be kept between 2°C-6°C.”

Our WarmMark temperature indicator range is designed to provide a clear, one-off indication for when temperature sensitive products have been exposed to unacceptable temperature fluctuations. WarmMark indicators have a range of benefits, including:

  • Individually serialised to help product tracking for internal handling and chain of custody
  • Delivers clear results
  • Highest accuracy on the market for indicator technology
  • Available in rolls – allows for rapid application if needed
  • Temperature range from -18°C to 37°C

To find out more about our WarmMark indicator range, contact our Internal Account Manager, Victoria Corbit on (0) 1462 688070 or contact us today!