WarmMark indicators – The answer to monitoring breast milk in transit

Breast Milk Bank

WarmMark indicators – The answer to monitoring breast milk in transit

Breast milk bank storage and transport monitoring solutions

Across the UK there are several breast milk bank units that store donor breast milk and provide the donated milk to neonatal units across the country. Breast milk is considered to contain hormones and disease-fighting compounds that can’t be found in formula milk. The breast milk is pasteurised and given to babies who require the benefits of of the milk, such as premature, unwell or babies that are unable to breastfeed. A baby will receive donor breast milk until they can be fed enough milk from their mother.

There are approximately 1500 donors that provide 6500 litres of breast milk a year so milk wastage must be minimal. Milk banks usually store and transport milk in a frozen state therefore maintaining temperature throughout the journey is imperative to preserving the milk.

The single-use WarmMark 0°C temperature indicator will monitor the donated milk throughout transit and indicate is a temperature breach has occurred which could have resulted in the milk beginning to thaw. The WarmMark is specifically designed to assist in identifying and correcting gaps in the temperature controlled supply chain.

  • Delivers clear results at a quick glance.
  • Irreversible colour change when temperature breach occurs.
  • Ensures cold chain accountability
  • Highest accuracy on the market for indicator technology.


For more information on the ShockWatch WarmMark indicators please click here or contact Victoria our Internal Account Manager for ShockWatch on [email protected].