Koalas arrive at Longleat, with help from ShockWatch!

Koalas arrive at longleat

Koalas arrive at Longleat, with help from ShockWatch!

We were very excited to spot Koalas arrive at Longleat with the help of the ShockWatch impact indicators! 6 koalas and two wombats were flown over 10,000 miles from Adelaide to their new home in Wiltshire.

How did the Koalas arrive at Longleat?

Koalas & SpotDot
Image courtesy of Newsround/Longleat

Longleat have teamed up with the Southern Australia Government and Cleland Wildlife Park to launch a new breeding programme, with the hope that the UK can increase and protect the population of this vulnerable species. Here at ShockWatch, we hope that the koalas at Longleat settle into their new enclosure soon and we wish every success with the new programme!

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