Automotive Damage Prevention from Manufacturer to Customer

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Automotive Damage Prevention from Manufacturer to Customer

Solutions for automotive damage prevention


Forklift Trucks – Knocks and scrapes in warehouse racking can cause automotive damage in relation to the parts on the shelves, the racking itself and the forklift truck.


Impact recorders are a quick and cost-effective way of easily identifying impact into racking that also act as a visual reminder to drive with care and if an impact is identified check the safety of the racks and inspect relevant equipment before use.



After manufacture, vehicles are often transported to their end destination by sea which can take from 4 – 6 weeks followed by transfer to a truck. Vibration from a ship’s engine can cause various significant issues to a car’s performance, such as:-


Electronics  dashboard damage, dislodging fuses.

Engine – automobile shimmy.

Tyres – disruption to wheel balance and tracking.


A ShockLog is capable of monitoring detailed vibration with date and time of significant events by the individual vehicle during transportation.


Diagnosing a potential unidentified problem for immediate corrective action can save a company’s reputation and reduce claims on warranty costs resulting from future repairs.

Maintenance – Part/Material Shipment

Paint Tins

Windscreen  The action of a tilt to car windscreens during transit can cause warping and mean that these cannot be easily installed.


Lightbulb – Recording the level of impact a parcel containing glass can incur when well packaged can not only assist with reduced damage but also assist with identifying the level of packaging required potentially reducing unnecessary costs.

Car Batteries – Impacts occurring to a car battery will significantly reduce the performance with a high chance of reduced capabilities.

Paint – Impact to paint containers during transit can be hugely hazardous and even dangerous depending on the paint-related category in question.

Rotary Parts – Vibration of rotary parts can often affect the optimisation of a rotor and even cause significant damage that can go undetected until use.


To ensure parts and materials such as car batteries are transported safely a ShockWatch impact indicator can be used. The indicator will not only act as a visual deterrent to improper handling but also highlight if the battery has been subjected to an impact.


Damage due to mishandling can be prevented and problem carriers or routes can be pinpointed.

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