New additions to ShockWatch Range

New additions to ShockWatch Range

New additions to the Hanwell ShockWatch Range expand Hanwell’s damage deterrent solutions across the UK. 

Manufacturers and carriers of goods in the UK are being encouraged to step up their damage deterrent measures to drive out unnecessary costs caused by mishandling during transit with the launch of the new additions to our ShockWatch range.

The self-adhesive indicators affix directly to goods during transit providing user-friendly and cost-effective method for detecting and deterring exposure to unacceptable temperatures or impacts that can ultimately result in defective stock.

Temperature sensitive goods can be monitored by a choice of three products WarmMark 2, ColdMark 2 and Cold Chain Complete providing users with clearly visible indication of temperature breach. The ShockWatch2 and the Flex indicators act as a visual deterrent to improper handling and deliver damage detection from impact during shipping and handling


WarmMark2 is an ascending time-temperature indicator which notifies users of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions and displays the cumulative time of the exposure. The WarmMark2 delivers the highest time accuracy in its class.


ColdMark2 is a field-armable, user friendly, descending temperature indicator that clearly indicates exposure to temperatures below a predetermined threshold.

Cold Chain Complete

Combining either a WarmMark2 and ColdMark 2 or two WarmMark2 devices, the Cold Chain Complete is a low cost, convenient solution that can monitor two separate temperature thresholds and can be activated at any point along the supply chain.


The new smaller ShockWatch2 impact indicators respond to bi-directional impact beyond the desired threshold protecting sensitive, fragile and calibrated equipment during shipping and handling.


The Flex is a highly visible impact indicator that visually alerts users when a product has been subjected to unacceptable handling. Flex is optimal when mounting a curved or irregular shaped product.


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