Pet Blood Bank Storage and Transport Solutions

Pet Blood Bank Storage and Transport Solutions

Ensuring blood samples are stored (within pet blood bank storage units) and transported at the correct temperature is vital. Failure to maintain correct temperatures where blood is stored or transported will result in waste and reduces the amount of blood available for critical situations.

Blood collected from willing dog donors is stored and transported in the same way. Every unit of blood collected can help save FOUR dogs lives, so the reduction of waste and meeting blood safety regulations is imperative. This can easily be addressed with the affordable ShockWatch WarmMark and ColdMark indicators.

Used together the indicators will visually alert users if the temperature of the blood bag drops below 4°C or goes above 8°C. This enables a blood practitioner to ensure at a quick glance the blood bag temperature has not been breached.

So when you require assistance in monitoring blood, think of ShockWatch.

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