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World Blood Donor Day

Pet Blood Banks

To celebrate World Blood Donor Day, we thought we’d focus on how Pet Blood Banks can ensure that their donations are maintained at a safe temperature with help from temperature indicators.

Pet Blood Bank UK recommends that donations of Packed Red Blood cells and Stored Whole Blood should be stored in a fridge and have a core temperature of 4°C (+/- 2°C) with any variations kept to a minimum. Their guidance does allow for some flexibility. If a product is exposed to temperature up to 10°C or down to 1°C, blood can still be used so long as the product has only been exposed on one occasion for a maximum of 5 hours.

With this guidance in mind, we advise any Pet Blood Donation centres implement Blood Temp indicators into their donation chain. The Blood Temp indicator range is specifically designed to monitor the temperature of blood bags during transportation and storage.

Benefits of Blood Temp indicators:

  • Cost effective monitoring
  • Irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Easy to interpret with distinctive colour change when a temperature breach occurs

Canine blood donations are essential for improving animal healthcare and any waste can be costly for both veterinary professionals and pet owners. Waste can be easily prevented with cost-effective indicators. Speak to your Account Manager today about your requirements.

To find out more about our BloodTemp indicator range, call us on (0) 1462 688070 or contact us today!

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