Prevent vaccination wastage with the WarmMark temperature indicator range

Vaccination wastage

Prevent vaccination wastage with the WarmMark temperature indicator range

When it comes to medical vaccines, it’s imperative for suppliers to monitor and measure temperature during shipment in order to prevent vaccination wastage. Mis-handling of vaccines can have a severe cost implication on the NHS, with the Department of Health noting ‘vaccines naturally biodegrade over time. Storage outside of the recommended temperature range (+2°C – +8°C) can speed up the loss of potency, which is irreversible’.

We have a range of single-use, WarmMark temperature monitoring products which measure and indicate whether goods have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures during shipment and storage. The WarmMark range has the highest accuracy for indicator technology and is specifically designed to identify both temperature and duration of exposure, helping shippers to identify and correct gaps in their temperature-controlled supply chains.

Implementing the WarmMark range into your supply cold-chain protects product shelf life, ensures validated packaging is performing correcting and ultimately reduces packaging costs.

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