Protect your credit card terminal during shipment and whilst in use!

Protect your credit card terminal during shipment and whilst in use!

Wireless credit card terminals are an increasingly popular method of payment, but often susceptible to damage while in transit or even in use. Many companies prefer the option of renting credit card terminals instead of owning them outright as the rental companies maintain responsibility for all maintenance and repair costs. For the rental companies it can often be a hard task ensuring the rented terminals are returned in the same condition they were supplied in, until now.


In Situ:

ShockWatch range of impact clips are available in a variety of sensitivities.



How to use:

The ShockWatch clips can be placed directly on the credit card terminal or inside so it is not visible to the end user. The tamperproof clips monitor the card terminal while in use and turn red if mishandling has occurred. The confirms to the supplier that the credit card terminals have not been handled with care and can help bring damage claims to a quick resolution.

In transit:

The easy to use range of ShockWatch Labels.

How to use:

The ShockWatch Label can be affixed directly to the credit card terminal packaging to give a clear indication the package is being monitored and act as a visual deterrent to improper handling. The ShockWatch Label can increase accountability of damage and provide indisputable evidence if the credit card terminal has been exposed to mishandling during transit.


So when you require assistance in preventing mishandling to goods in use and transit think ShockWatch!

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