Introducing the SpotBot BLE!

SpotBot BLE

Introducing the SpotBot BLE!

We are pleased to announce the addition of the SpotBot BLE Impact Indicator to our range of ShockWatch products.

What you need to know about the SpotBot BLE Impact Indicator

The SpotBot BLE measures and records multiple parameters, including temperature, humidity, tilt and shock and all data is available to view via the free SpotSee app, ensuring a transparent supply chain.

The SpotBot BLE allows for simultaneous monitoring of multiple parameters, and limits of each parameter can be individually configured. For example, say you’re looking to ship priceless artefacts between museums across the globe. Not only will you need to monitor if your items have been subjected to tilt and shock, but you’ll also need to ensure that your items have not been subjected to any temperature or humidity fluctuations, which can have an irreversible effect on any historic item. With the SpotBot BLE, you’ll be able to easily monitor all parameters, and should any violations occur, you can take immediate action with your delivery company.

The BLE Impact Monitor has up to 2 years battery life and is a cost-effective, simple and robust impact indicator, designed to provide verifiable proof to your delivery supply chain.

To find out more about the SpotBot BLE Impact Indicator, or to discuss the appropriate solutions to your application, contact us today!

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