Reduce Supply Chain Damage this Christmas

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Reduce Supply Chain Damage this Christmas

With just one week left till Christmas, it’s imperative for retailers to ensure their supply chain keeps up with demand in one of the busiest weeks of the year. Issues with your supply chain can not only affect your profit, but also damage reputation.

Any supply chain presents several opportunities for damage or temperature breaches to occur, whether this is during transportation or storage. Most issues occur during supply chain ‘blind spots’, for example when transferring goods from storage to transport or stacking goods in a warehouse. Monitoring equipment such as the SpotBot Cellular, an impact indicator with real-time alerts via cellular communication, or impact indicators such as the ShockWatch 2 range will not only help identify where any issues in the supply chain occur, alerting users to improper handling.

Which product is best suited to my supply chain requirements?

Warehouse storage When storing goods in a warehouse, an impact indicator such as the ShockWatch 2 or ShockDot can provide clear, visual indication when incorrect handlings occurs. These labels are also a valuable way to alert users to sensitive goods and ensure that proper handling techniques will be followed.

Transportation – The SpotBot Cellular enables supply chain managers to easily identify when and where impact or temperature damage occurs from anywhere in the world using the SpotSee cloud-based software and cellular technology. With immediate alarm notifications, the SpotBot Cellular enables users to address and rectify any issues as well as preventing any damaged shipments from reaching customers.

Investing in impact monitoring equipment will ultimately save your business money, time, and ultimately your reputation by reducing inefficiencies and providing definitive evidence of any issues.

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