How to use WarmMark temperature indicators

Temperature Indicators

How to use WarmMark temperature indicators

Cost-effective and simple to use – WarmMark Temperature Indicators

The WarmMark Short-Run temperature indicators are designed to monitor temperature and alert users if goods have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures. Unacceptable temperature conditions are clearly indicated within the indicator itself by turning to a bright red colour.

The range of temperature indicators available vary between -18°C to +37°C.


  • Delivers clear results
  • Ensures cold-chain accountability
  • Individually serialised to help product tracking for internal handling and chain of custody
  • Can be shipped & stored under most conditions
  • Highest accuracy on the market for indicator technology

How to use the WarmMark temperature indicator:

The Range

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Read the technical data

We recommend you contact us to discuss your application so that we can assist you in choosing the correct ShockWatch WarmMark temperature indicators for you or if you wish to purchase over 250.

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