What is a Shock Logger?


What is a Shock Logger?

A shock logger is an electronic instrument (usually battery powered) that monitors shock and impact events over time and automatically logs data within its internal memory. Data is typically extracted manually usually via a USB connection to a PC, however, more recent capabilities include cellular transmission.

Our ShockWatch range of data loggers offers a diverse range of measurement options, such as; shock, vibration, impact, temperature, relative humidity, tilt and roll. For use typically in transit, these data loggers help to determine if and when goods are being damaged throughout the journey. This assists with identifying weak points within a supply chain and provide evidence for use in insurance claims.

Benefits of a shock logger

A data logger provides users with an affordable monitoring solution for data recording (that eliminates manual errors) but is often also required to ensure industry regulatory compliance. More reliable than hand-written record keeping, a data logger will ensure there are no gaps in your records and provide automated reports.

If you would like more information about our data loggers contact us to discuss your specific requirements.