Why you should implement ShockDot Impact Indicators into your delivery chain

Food and drinks delivery chain

Why you should implement ShockDot Impact Indicators into your delivery chain

If you’re a manufacturer of food and drinks, you may have experienced broken or damaged products on arrival to your customers. With the value of food and drink exports estimated to be around £20.1bn, preventing the loss and damage of goods in your delivery chain imperative and preventable with ShockDot Impact Indicators.

The ShockDot Impact Indicators act as a visual deterrent, alerting users if there has been any mishandling during transit. These cost effective indicators are both tamper proof and serialised, providing you with indisputable evidence of mis-handling and drive accountability in the supply chain, allowing you to change your packaging and delivery provider if necessary.

How does it work?

The ShockDot indicator can be applied directly onto your box of goods, and if the shipment has been handled correctly, then the centre will remain white. However, with bi-directional shock indication, the indicator will show full or partial red colouration if your parcel has been dropped or mishandled, alerting you to any potential damage. The ShockDot labels also feature a QR code, allowing your customers to confirm that they have received the quality and reliability of an authentic ShockWatch product.

ShockDot Impact Indicator

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