ShockLog® 208 Shock Monitor

ShockLog® 208 Shock Monitor

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Part of the ShockLog range, the ShockLog 208 shock monitor units are entry level shock and impact monitoring solutions for time slots only.

Units available with Temperature and Humidity functions.

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Shock Monitor – ShockLog 208

The ShockLog 208 shock monitor can record impact, vibration and RH/T with detailed and easy to use software capabilities for easy interpretation of damage during transit or in situ.

This World-leading shock monitor range features advanced tri-axial piezo electric accelerometer technology providing fast response recording combined with exceptionally low power consumption. The accompanying shock monitor software allows users to easily analyse the journey with time and date stamped data from start to finish. Additional features of the Shocklog 208 include the following:

  • 208 is the new series of ShockLog products for entry level market
  • Designed to monitor shock based on acceleration measurements
  • Suitable for storage and transport monitoring
  • Personalised software settings for Slot Alarms
  • Optional External Temperature & Humidity Sensors


Dimensions: 88mm x 84mm x 55mm
Weight: 450 grams
Power Supply: 1 x 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery
Battery Life: Up to 12 months


Operating Temperature Range: Extended range -40°C to +85°C
External Temperature Accuracy: -2°C to +2°C (full range)
Humidity Range: 0 – 100% RH
Humidity Accuracy (25 – 75 %RH): -3 to +3% RH
Scale Factor: ±2%
Acceleration Ranges: ±10 or 100g
Dynamic Range: 1% -100% of range
Frequency Range: 10g unit 40Hz, 100g unit 250Hz
Recording Methods: Slots and summaries

Factory Fit Options:

Humidity and Temperature Sensor


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific application so that we can ensure you choose the shock monitor best suited for use to your needs. We would be happy to visit you at your convenience to provide a free demonstration of the shock monitor range.

Hanwell Solutions Ltd are the official UK distributors of ShockWatch impact labels. Contact SpotSee if you wish to purchase this product outside of the UK: visit

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Y055: Set up communications cable
88706: AA lithium 3.7V battery
298SI: ShockLog full iButton set

This product requires the software and a download kit. Please contact us for more information.