FCP™ Descending Temperature Indicator

FCP Indicator:

FCP shows when products have been exposed to below threshold temperatures with an irreversible colour change from green to red. FCP alerts key stakeholders throughout your supply chain if a product has been exposed to a cool or freezing temperature that may compromise quality or efficacy.


  • Accurate, irreversible colour change
  • Accuracy independently verified at +1°C

Ease of Use:

FCP indicators are easy to implement, use and maintain:
• Efficient and effective monitoring
• Designed for easy adherence to any product
• Environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals

Key Specifications:

• Temperature Capability Range: Within +15°C to -2°C
• Accuracy: +1°C
• Size: 29mm x 30mm
• Format: Self Adhesive labels
• Indicator Display: Unactivated (not triggered) green circle is clearly visible
Activated (triggered) red circle, or any red in the display area


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