G-View Shock Sensors

G-View Shock Sensors

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The G-View data logger is a reusable shock sensor designed for shock and vibration monitoring.

Dynamic Range: 2g to 10G and 2g to 25g


ShockWatch Shock Sensor – G-View

The ShockWatch G-View shock logger is a reusable shock sensor designed for shock and vibration monitoring.


  • Sensors to record date, time, internal temperature, axis exceeded and impact amplitude
  • Self-contained unit design, free of cables and wires
  • LED lights for visual notification of threshold breaches
  • Simple programming interface


Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 30mm
Weight: 81 grams (including battery)
Power supply: 1 x AA Alkaline battery
Battery Life: Up to 6 months*
Case material: PC/ABS
IP rating: IP65

*Based on 2.4Ah Alkaline battery (E.g. Procell MN1500) with a journey profile that creates an event on average every 20 mins, in ambient conditions of 0 to 35°C. For environments outside this temperature range, we advise using a 1.5V Lithium battery. E.g. Ansmann Lithium Extreme 1.5V.


Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
Resolution: 0.1g
Accelerometers: Piezo
Shock Accuracy: +/- 6% of full scale
Alarm Thresholds (%): User selectable 20 to 90% of range, per axis
Memory: First 100 events per channel, 300 events overall
Alarm Threshold Breach Indication: LED

Dynamic Range:

G-View 10G 25Hz: 2 to 10g
G-View 25g 40Hz: 2 to 25g


  • Logistics/Transport & Storage
  • Windows & Glass Doors
  • Automotive parts
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defence

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Hanwell Solutions Ltd are the official UK distributors of ShockWatch impact labels. Contact SpotSee if you wish to purchase this product outside of the UK: visit www.spotsee.io

(Previously known as ShockBug)

Red, rugged and instantly recognisable, the G-View (previously known as ShockBug) is quite simply the most cost-effective event recorder on the market. The G-View has three visual indications (LEDs) which will give instant visual indication of a shock above the trip level.

Capable of logging as many as 300 individual shock and vibration events over a 6 month period, the G-View is suitable for virtually all journey and storage profiles, helping users pinpoint when and where their shipment sustained damage. Moreover, the G-View delivers more accurate readings than any other device in its price range, and replaceable batteries effectively make its lifespan infinite.

G-View Features

  • Completely self-contained (battery operated)
  • Acceleration measurements
  • Three built in accelerometers
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Low cost standard AA size Alkaline battery
  • iButton communication interface
  • LED operation and alarm status indicators
  • Date and time stamping
  • RF screened and CE certified
  • Up to 6 months battery life
  • Up to 300 events
  • Data stored in non-volatile memory


  • Accurate, high-performance piezo accelerometer responds faster and uses less power than rivals’ microelectronic mechanical sensors (MEMS)
  • The most cost-effective event recorder on the market
  • Reduces product damage and loss incurred during transportation or storage
  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
  • Identifies trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage

GVCK: G-View Communication Kit

This product requires the software and a download kit. Please contact us for more information.