shockwatch calculator

ShockWatch Clip Impact Indicators, such as the Multi G Clip are tamperproof devices that turn bright red to indicate mishandling.


Dimensions: 48.26mm x 35.56mm x 4.44mm


Sensitivity: 25G, 50G 75G and sensitive to impacts on 360° axis
Responsiveness: Responds to single impact
Duration Ranges: 1 to 50ms
Adhesive: Acrylic
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of sale

Please contact us to discuss your application so that we can ensure the Multi G Clip is best suited to your needs. We would be happy to visit you to provide a demonstration of the range.

Hanwell Solutions Ltd are the official UK distributors of ShockWatch impact labels. Contact SpotSee if you wish to purchase this product outside of the UK: visit