ShockLog® Data Logger and Recorder Range

ShockLog The Bestselling Shock Data Logger Range on the Market

Measurements available: Shock, vibration, tilt, roll, GPS and RH/T

Manufactured in the UK by Hanwell Solutions Ltd., these flexible, reliable and extremely accurate ShockLogs are the bestselling shock data logger & recorders on the market and can monitor valuable components in operation, transit, or storage. The world-leading shock data logger range comprises 3 battery-operated, self-contained logger devices featuring advanced tri-axial piezo electric accelerometer technology.

The ShockLog 248 and the ShockLog 298 provide compact and powerful shock data with up to 18 months of continuous monitoring for unbeatable, low-cost performance.

In addition to accurately recording shock and vibration, users can opt to monitor levels of relative humidity, temperature and tilt & roll, while connectivity is provided by internal radio, internal GPS tracking, and the accessory eTrak GPS tracking module where required.

Flexible and functional, and supplied with sophisticated electronics and easy-to-use software, these innovative shock and vibration monitoring instruments have applications in virtually every industry.


  • Completely self-contained shock data logger (battery-operated)
  • Three built-in accelerometers
  • Rugged aluminium IP67 housing
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Powered by low-cost standard AA Lithium or Alkaline batteries
  • LED operation and alarm status indicators
  • Date and time stamping
  • Complete journey profile
  • Tamper-proof factory and user passwords
  • Data stored in non-volatile memory


  • Decreases costs related to damage incurred during operation, shipping and storage
  • Highlights improvement areas in operational, shipping and handling processes
  • Isolates when and where unacceptable conditions occur and identifies accountable parties
  • Operational and journey profiling
  • Accurate, Robust and rugged shock data logger
  • Huge dynamic range
  • Long battery life

Please contact us to discuss your application so that we can ensure you use the shock data logger best suited for use with your needs.

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Advanced Software Capabilities

The highly comprehensive ShockLog software provides a multitude of analysis capabilities:

Summary of events – provides details of the first alarm, first warning and most severe events seen within the profile journey.

ShockLog Summary of Events Table

Event Summary Graph (available on 248 and 298) – displays in a bar chart format showing the modulus value of all events recorded within the data file and highlights the most severe Event by displaying it in red.

ShockLog Event Summary Graph

Detailed Event Curve (available on 248 and 298) – displays the magnitude and duration of the impact event, with the X axis displaying the time in milliseconds and the Y axis showing the force of the impact in G.

ShockLog Event Curve Graph