SpotBot Cellular:

The SpotBot Cellular enables supply chain managers and quality managers to easily identify when and where impact or temperature damage occurs from anywhere in the world using the SpotSee cloud-based software and cellular technology.

With immediate alarm notifications, the SpotBot Cellular enables users to address and rectify any issues within the supply chain, as well as prevent damaged shipments from reaching customers.


• Impact detection with real-time alerts above user-defined
• Alerts via cellular communication with impact data stamp,
location and temperature
• Location information and event summaries communicated from
1h to 24 hour intervals (user defined)
• Worldwide coverage via a dedicated network (using Tier 1 local
radio networks)
• Secure cloud platform with global accessibility
• Dashboard with the unit’s last location and dedicated impact and
temperature information
• User management and notification controls
• Power save mode in low connectivity/low battery situations to
extend battery life


  • Automotive parts
  • Windows & glass doors
  • Freight forwarding
  • Medical equipment
  • Furniture
  • Computer & server equipment

General Specifications:

• USB 2.0 connector
• Dimensions: W*L*H = 7.000” x 5.250” x 1.375”
= 17.78 x 13.335 x 3.5 cm
• Weight: 1.304 lbs = 590 gr with batteries
1.104 lbs = 500 gr without batteries

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Hanwell Solutions Ltd are the official UK distributors of ShockWatch impact labels. Contact SpotSee if you wish to purchase this product outside of the UK: visit