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ShockWatch UK is the Master Distributor for Spotsee, Inc.



The ShockWatch products were used monitor impact to large lens'. Video Europe were "very satisfied" with the service provided. "We are able to see how our products have been handled whilst on hire".

Josh Beecher, Video Europe

ECA Services were seeing failures within the systems (whilst using fragile stickers) that could have been caused by mishandling. ShockWatch orange labels are applied to rackmount server system packaging and as a result "we have seen no failures that have been linked to courier handling consignments in a careless manner...we were satisfied with the prompt service we received!"

Freya James, ECA Services



ShockWatch labels were recommended to Sensotec by a customer for monitoring their gas analyzers in transit. "We were very satisfied and the goods were delivered quickly. The introduction of the ShockWatch labels have resulted in a decrease in damaged products."

Layla Greenhall, Cambridge Sensotec Ltd.

SSG were interested in monitoring outgoing parcels to sites and the potential damaged caused in transit. SSG are "Very satisfied" with the service provided and since introducing the ShockWatch labels and indicators they receive "more clients advising of damage" that they can now react to.

Steph Butler, SSG



“We are happy with the service and products we receive from ShockWatch UK, plus you always have a quick turnaround for the goods. We look forward to dealing with you again in the future.”

Joanne – Isothermal Technology Ltd

“Goods arrive in a better condition and complaints regarding damaged goods have ceased.”

Gary – MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd.


“The Shock and Tilt labels provide us with peace of mind when shipping our goods. They are easy to use and reasonably priced.”

Sharon – CED.

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